Slash hosts post concert party at TAO

Friday night Slash hosted his after concert party at TAO. After opening for Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, his wife Perla and a large group of friends gathered for a dinner of signature dishes at the Asian Bistro, including the rocker’s favorite, General Tso’s Chicken.

On the red carpet he shared that he loves coming to Vegas because it is so close to Southern California and he has so much fun here. He said he has some projects coming up for his movie production company, Slasher Films, but said there are no plans for him to get in front of the camera as he is only going to produce.

Slash and the group, including Laura Croft from Holly’s World, arrived upstairs in the club to great fanfare, taking over several tables on the dance floor as fans crowded to get pictures. He joined DJ Ross One in the DJ booth, announcing to the crowd that he was going to play make shift DJ and, “and interrupt your regular programming for an hour or so.” Slash started off his set with Sweet Child O’ Mine, Welcome to the Jungle and Crazy Train, setting the stage for the perfect night. After getting the party started, Slash returned to his table to watch the crowd enjoy his specially selected play list.

Photo credit: Tony Tran/Powers Imagery

Cara Jean Wahlers and Grover Parido: Goodnight Charlotte

RIYL: Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin, Joni Mitchell

Goodnight Charlotte is the debut album from Cara Jean Wahlers and Grover Parido. It’s an intimate collection of songs that feature the primary instruments of Wahlers’ wonderful singing voice and Parido’s cello playing. This unique paring of singer/songwriter and cellist working together for an entire CD may not be new, however, on Goodnight Charlotte, the music is fresh and vibrant and the lyrics are thoughtful, creating a unique experience.

Wahlers’ songwriting is very visual, creating a sense of place and time. As a storyteller, she’s reminiscent of Lucinda Williams or Joni Mitchell, two names her publicist has included as influences. The singer’s voice recalls the elegance and naturalness of Mary Chapin Carpenter, another great singer/songwriter who can put you at ease, even though she’s breaking your heart.

Parido’s cello playing adds another layer of poignancy to Goodnight Charlotte. The instrument is such a melancholy instrument to begin with that no matter how hard Parido may try, his performances tinge the songs with sadness. Take a listen to “Black Dog,” a beautiful tale about a long lost love, and you’ll understand. Parido takes a solo on every single song and his presence fills in the empty spaces of Wahlers’ sparse guitar playing. This partnership between Wahlers and Parido is effective and lifts the material above the usual coffeehouse fare.

Still, it would have been interesting if they’d included a couple of songs that were just Wahlers backed by her guitar, and maybe some other acoustic instruments. The singer has a strong enough voice ad her guitar playing is subtle enough that she could have survived without the cello. This would have given Goodnight Charlotte just enough variety to make the album a classic. That said, it’s still a fantastic debut and will keep me looking out for this duo when they release future albums. (CDBY 2010)

Cara Jean Wahlers MySpace page

Stream Videos With KMPlayer

The Internet has made many things possible for people, including the ability to cut the cost of cable without sacrificing entertainment. If you don’t like the idea of downloading content due to viruses or other concerns, you can still enjoy digital media by connecting to streaming videos.

A streaming video is a collection of data that plays in your media player as it arrives. You do not have to download a file and save it before you can play it. Because you are not saving the data, you do not have to worry about malicious spyware, malware, or viruses attacking your computer. You can find streaming videos from a variety of online sites, including Ustream and Hulu.

Before you can access streaming video, you will need to install a media player on your computer. While you could purchase a commercial version, you have another alternative: KMPlayer. This open source program is available free. Since you have access to the source code, you can be sure nothing malicious, like a virus, is hidden in the program. In addition, the simple user interface is easy to use and takes up very little space on your hard drive.

The media player you choose can have a major impact on streaming videos. Media players that pack in extra features can take up more room on your computer, causing your operating system to run slower than it should. This can negatively affect the connection speed of your Internet, which can then cause viewing issues with the streaming video. KMPlayer, with its small footprint, works great for streaming videos because it won’t slow your system down.

If you’ve been thinking about ways to cut back on your spending but you don’t want to sacrifice your entertainment options, consider downloading KMPlayer and taking advantage of streaming videos. You won’t be disappointed.

Think Before You Buy That Computer!

If you’re not careful, you could spend way more than you planned on a new computer. Even if you have a list of features in hand when you start to browse, the available brands, models, and options can be overwhelming. Let’s take a look at some good rules of thumb to save money on your next electronics purchase:

Time it Just Right!

Although the holiday season can be a deep-discount free-for-all for any type of electronics, this isn’t the only good time to buy. As new models are released in the spring, the older units often see major price cuts. You might also find a few good graduation and back-to-school deals in the early and late summer.

Every Possible Discount

Many shoppers find they can get a deep discount as a student or employee. Don’t forget to search around for rebates or bundled packages. These aren’t always well advertised, so you may have to visit the manufacturer’s website or social networking page to find then. Don’t be too timid to just ask your retailer for a deal. You’ll be amazed at how often this works!

Use Free Software

If you purchase a computer with a lot of expensive, bundled software, the price can go sky high. Consider purchasing a device with the hardware options you need, but little in the way of applications. With the wide range of open-source programs available, you can probably get what you need for free! If you’re a YouTube fanatic, download free programs like Virtual Dub to edit your creations and Handbrake to convert them to any format. Are you into sharing video files with your friends? The Xvid open-source program provides free codecs to make watching any type of file easy! Can you believe all of this is absolutely free?

By using these tips, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of money you will save!

Congratulations! You’re a Web Designer!

Don’t you just wish it was that easy? Actually, you might be surprised at how easy it is to create your own website. Let’s take a look at some simple ways to get your feet wet:

Start off Easy

A lot of seasoned professionals will tell you that learning a programming language is essential to creating a website. Well, it is important once you get going, but it’s not absolutely necessary at first. The easiest way to start is to choose a one-stop-shop hosting services. Look for one that will sell you a domain name, provide hosting services, and supply a free, drop-and-drag web-design tool. Will it be a fully functioning ecommerce site with a shopping cart and everything? Probably not, but it will work perfectly well as a start. You’ll have plenty of time to learn the technical stuff like HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, and more once you become addicted to creating websites.

Don’t Forget to Make it Pretty

When you create your first site, you’ll definitely want to show it off, and who wants to show off an ugly, boring site? No one, that’s who! Just like you shouldn’t be intimidated by the programming side of the house, don’t let graphic design put you off your game. Just imagine how proud you’ll be when your friends see your new site complete with custom-made images you created with free, easy-to-use programs like GIMP and Blender! They’ll might even ask you how much it cost to buy those designs, but it can be our little secret.

Easy File Transfers

Once you get going, you’ll probably want to add a few multi-media functions for the full experience. Video and audio files can take a long time to upload to your host without a little help. Try a free program called 7 Zip to compress your files before use Filezilla Server to transfer and complete the extraction.

With these tips, your Xvid codec and music files from Ares should transfer fairly easy, making your website a high traffic spot.

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