Top 5 Safekeeping Tips for Your Violin


Violins are popular stringed instruments that can last up to hundreds of years. However, you need to keep up with its maintenance requirements in order to survive for a longer time. Proper safekeeping tips will help you protect your instrument from harsh elements, especially high humidity.

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How Important Is Music in Gaming?


When we define digital games today, one phrase that often appears is “audiovisual”. Of course, this means that the graphics and sounds employed within the games blend together to create one overall, cohesive experience. Although the visual aspect of games undoubtedly receives more attention, without sound a lot of games just wouldn’t have the same impact on audiences.

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The Club Scene and Bingo – A Match Made in Heaven?

On the surface of it, the combination of music and bingo may seem like a fairly strange one. Rightly or wrongly, music is generally seen as something that young people tend to enjoy more than their older counterparts. With the introduction of streaming services such as Spotify and the convenience of having a whole library of music at your fingertips, the younger generation is arguably benefiting the most with regards to technological advances in the music industry. In a similar vein, the mere mention of the word bingo to most people will often evoke the image of an army of old ladies descending on bingo halls, sucking on an uncle Joes’ mint ball while bellowing “bingo!” at the top of their voice.  Read the rest of this entry »


Perfect Score: Three Composers Who Changed Video Game Music Forever


Source: Mario Torres SalgadoVirtualibelulas via Facebook

It’s almost like praising a book for its cover art or a movie for the font that it used in its credits, but video game music is an art in and of itself that adds to the overall experience of playing a title. You can’t have Mario without the ludic tunes that accompany the plumber throughout his romp through the mushroom kingdom and its safe to say anybody who’s ever heard the tetris music will be able to recite a large portion of the melody on command. For as memorable as many video games are, they are only able to reach such heights in part because of the feel created by the soundtrack.  Read the rest of this entry »


Save on all of your Music Needs


If you love music you probably invest a good amount of your disposable income feeding your passion. Instruments, accessories, concerts and other performances all add up and then there’s sound equipment and downloads to add to the expense.

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