Top 5 Safekeeping Tips for Your Violin


Violins are popular stringed instruments that can last up to hundreds of years. However, you need to keep up with its maintenance requirements in order to survive for a longer time. Proper safekeeping tips will help you protect your instrument from harsh elements, especially high humidity.

Whether you’re using Amati, Guarneri, Stradivari or any brand of violin, here are the top 5 violin care tips you need to consider for a longer lasting musical instrument:

1. Invest in the best violin case. The very first thing you need to keep in mind is to get the best case for your violin. There are a lot of brands of violin cases so make sure to check on the features before you buy one, this includes durability, materials, and construction. Also, see if the strap is durable enough when carrying your instrument during travels.

2. Keep your violin rosin-free. After practice, make sure your violin is free from any rosin residue by wiping it down with a clean dry cotton cloth. Never use your fingers in removing the rosin or else the oil in your hands will get transferred to the instrument.

3. Maintain enough rosin on your bow. Too much is not good for your violin so gently apply a generous amount of rosin to the bow hair. If not, excess rosin will only make your instrument sound scratchier and harsher. And you will not like it when the white dust come off whenever you play your violin on stage.

4. Loosen the bow hair before storing the violin. One of the most important steps in taking care of your violin is to loosen the bow hair before storing them. This helps prolong the lifespan of your beloved stringed instrument while keeping the sound quality great and smooth.

5. Always put your violin in a cool, dry area. If you’re done practicing, do not just put your violin somewhere else. Make sure that it is properly kept in its case and it’s stored in a cool, humid-free area in your home. Direct heat can lead to warped wood and ruin the quality of your instrument. What’s even worse is that humidity and too much sunlight exposure can cause a distended body of your violin.

If necessary, you may also consider buying violin accessories to maximize your instrument’s quality and lifespan. You can ask your teacher how to properly maintain your violin including the best safekeeping tips so that it remains in perfect condition no matter the season.