Perfect Score: Three Composers Who Changed Video Game Music Forever


Source: Mario Torres SalgadoVirtualibelulas via Facebook

It’s almost like praising a book for its cover art or a movie for the font that it used in its credits, but video game music is an art in and of itself that adds to the overall experience of playing a title. You can’t have Mario without the ludic tunes that accompany the plumber throughout his romp through the mushroom kingdom and its safe to say anybody who’s ever heard the tetris music will be able to recite a large portion of the melody on command. For as memorable as many video games are, they are only able to reach such heights in part because of the feel created by the soundtrack.  Read the rest of this entry »


Pong Shop Boys

We were stoked to see that the Pet Shop Boys, in support of their awesome album Yes, were launching a North American tour in the fall (musical director: Stuart Price, thank you very much), and then as we scrolled down to the bottom of the press release, we saw something that really got us excited: a Pong game featuring the band’s single “Love Etc.” playing in the background. Yes, indeed.

We had to pinch the width a bit to get it to fit, so if you’d like to play the official version, click here. Get yer Pong on, kids.