Lisa Papineau: Red Trees

RIYL: Air, Forget Cassettes, Zero 7

Singer/songwriter and electronic princess Lisa Papineau is back with Red Trees, the follow up to her critically acclaimed solo debut, 2006’s Night Moves. And while it’s hard to fault someone for being more experimental, as is the case on Red Trees from previous work (she’s worked with Air and M83 as well as with soundtrack composer Tyler Bates), it’s more difficult to full enjoy something when it’s lacking significantly in melody. That said, there is something eerily intoxicating about Miss Papineau’s music. It’s somber and moody and uplifting all at the same time, and a full set of her music packs quite a few surprises. And of course, her voice is intoxicating all by itself. One of the more melodic songs that stands out here is “White Leather Pants,” and there is an underlying lyrical theme that reflects Papineau’s move to France and the communication gap that ensued – such as on “Sorry I Cannot English.” But she also shines brilliantly on instrumental tracks like “Touch Time Out,” which has a freakishly haunting 30 seconds of climax. This album and Papineau’s music in general aren’t going to be universally loved, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t catered to both current fans and those who seek something different in their music on Red Trees. (Sargent House 2010)

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