The Hooters: Both Sides Live

Unless you’re a diehard fan, or unless you’re talking about landmark albums like Frampton Comes Alive, live albums are usually disappointing across the board. As for the Hooters’ latest, Both Sides Live, their songs are so catchy that it’s near impossible to disappoint. There are two different experiences on this double set—one electric and one acoustic—that just manages to show why this band has such a cult following well beyond their Philadelphia home. The first set, recorded at the Electric Factory in Philly, has hits like “All you Zombies,” “And We Danced” and “Johnny B,” as well as tracks from 2007’s Time Stand Still (“I’m Alive,” the title track, and their cover of Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” to name a few). But it’s the acoustic set, performed live for “friends and associates,” that really showcases the songwriting prowess of Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman. Most of the songs are same on both sides, but that makes it easy to compare each version of them. If you were into this band in the ‘80’s, Both Sides Liveis a must-have. (Hooters Music 2009)

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Herclues And Love Affair: Sidetracked

Hercules and Love Affair are the dominant force in the drive to bring disco back to the dance floors in America. First with their insanely great self-titled debut and now with Sidetracked, a DJ mix arranged by Hercules’ creative force Andy Butler. Not surprisingly, Sidetracked is predominately a disco record, either with classic disco-era tracks like Todd Terry and Class Action’s
“Weekend” or with retro-sounding tracks such as the new Hercules & Love Affair track “I Can’t Wait.” Acid house and straight-up old-school house also make cameos on Sidetracked early on with tracks by Dubwise and WestBam, but by the halfway point they’re gone, making the way for vintage disco extravaganzas such as Studio X, Ray Martinez and the Rainbow Team. This isn’t Nu-Disco, this is straight up ’70s and early ’80s old-school disco, and that’s not a sound that has aged well for some, no matter how much they like modern dance music. If you were around back then or just want to hear what your parents did coke to back in the day, then you’ll probably eat this up. But for those of you more interested in dance-punk, DnB, or other more 21st century dancefloor sounds, you probably won’t find much of note on Sidetracked. (Renaissance Recordings 2009)

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INF: The Go Round

Breaks records are usually intended for DJs, when they can be mixed and sampled with other tracks for DJ sets or remixes. Once in a while, though, one can break through to more mainstream audiences. DJ Food did it with their Jazz Brakes series, and now it looks like INF might with The Go Round, an infectious collection of ’60s-influenced loops, grooves and beats. The Go Round sounds like some magical out-of-place artifact from 1960s London, combining groovy instrumentals with modern beats to create a soundtrack to the best crime movie Michael Caine never made. One can imagine Mini Coopers tearing through the streets to the pulse-pounding beats of the title track, a romantic interlude to the gentle guitar strums and eastern drum beats of “The Boogie Man” and the final fight scene to the awesomely named “Power Move, Baby.” The Go Round is brief, clocking it at just over half an hour, so it’s not a lot of bang for your buck. But it’s still a fun listen that would serve as great background music for a party, dinner, or car chase. (Beats Broke 2009)

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Pete Yorn talks “Back & Fourth,” singing with Scarlett

The hype surrounding his music has died down considerably since he made his Sony debut in 2001 with musicforthemorningafter, but even as the choruses of “next big thing” have subsided, Pete Yorn has set about building a career out of one solidly crafted, well-reviewed album after another — and he’s looking to add two more to the catalog this year: the recently released solo set Back & Fourth, and an upcoming duets set with Scarlett Johansson, Break Up. Having just completed a string of dates opening for Coldplay, Yorn is ready to hit the road in support of Fourth, and was nice enough to set aside some time on a day off for a chat with Bullz-Eye’s Neil Carver. Their talk touched on the new albums (of course), his newfound love for New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle,” what inspired him to work with Scarlett, and how his songwriting process has changed over the years:

“In the old days, I wouldn’t really write much on tour. I’d come home and everything would come to a grinding halt, and then I would start to get really restless and freaked out. That’s when I’d start writing the songs.”

To read more of what Pete Yorn had to say in his Bullz-Eye interview, follow this link!


Fuse presents Kanye West: Live from the Chicago Theatre

His blimp-sized ego gets at least as much attention as his music, but underneath all his huffing and puffing, Kanye West ain’t such a bad guy; matter of fact, he’s used some of that superstar cash (and cachet) to spearhead the unsurprisingly named Kanye West Foundation, which works to help reduce the dropout rate. (And if that isn’t enough to raise your opinion of the guy, how about knowing that the West Foundation’s mission was undertaken to help fulfill a dream of the star’s dearly departed mom? Yeah, we thought so.)

To help support the foundation — and entertain your ass in the bargain — Kanye hosted the second annual “Stay in School” benefit concert at the Chicago Theatre a few weeks ago, and the event has been turned into an hourlong special by the Fuse Network that will be airing tomorrow night (that’s August 25) at 8 PM EST/7 CST. Want more details? Here you go:

The show marked the first major event for the Kanye West Foundation since the 2007 passing of its founder Dr. Donda West, and is the first concert Kanye has performed in the city of Chicago in over a year. The Kanye West Foundation (KWF) was established to help combat the severe dropout problem plaguing America’s communities. Approximately 3,000 students from the Chicago area who demonstrated marked academic improvements attended a special pre-show sound check before the evening concert where Kanye performed and talked about the importance of education.

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