Eddie Van Halen reminds us he’s alive


In his first acting role since “Frasier,” legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen decided to pop up on the season premier of America’s most popular sitcom, “Two and a Half Men.” In the episode, entitled “818JKLPUZO,” Charlie Sheen’s character is at odds with two women. While excited about his impeding marriage to Chelsea, plans are temporarily derailed when he runs into an old flame, Mia. When she asks Charlie to help her record an album, he’s skeptical at first. It’s not until Chelsea gives her approval that Charlie takes the offer. As their musical relationship blossoms, former feelings naturally pop up. While it’s painfully obvious that Mia is a terrible singer, Charlie’s brain has always been located in his pants. Troubled by his attraction to Mia, he begins experiencing a crippling constipation. At the recording studio, as Mia lays down track after track of aural hell, Charlie runs to the bathroom. Just before entering, however, he’s stopped by none other than Eddie Van Halen.

It’s clear Van Halen’s time out of the public eye was a wise decision. Looking more like a 16 year-old boy than a withering rocker, his cameo was a pleasant surprise. The spot also featured Eddie’s signature “Frankenstrat” guitar as he treated those watching to a juicy riff.

Eddie has mentioned numerous times that a Van Halen lineup consisting of himself, brother Alex, son Wolfgang, and David Lee Roth is set to record a new album. They previously completed a lengthy tour from 2007 to 2008. Eddie, recently married, is also recovering from hand surgery, yet promises to release the new album next year accompanied by a tour.



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