Lowfish: Frozen & Broken

Now’s the time on ESDMusic when we dance! Lowfish (Gregory De Rocher) is Canadian, but his synthesizer-drenched style of electronica has more in common with “Spockets”-era Kraftwerk and other ’80s European minimalist electronic music than anything from the land of indie hipsters. There’s also a hint of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) in Lowfish’s low-key melodies and beats, reminiscent of the golden age of the genre that brought us acts like Orbital, Orbit and Aphex Twin. However, Lowfish does little more than reference his idols, rarely branching out and experimenting with his own sound. For someone who probably thrives himself on being experimental he’s not doing much in the way of experimenting. In fact there’s just not much of anything on Frozen & Broken, and not just because most of it is minimalist in nature. Everything sounds the same. “Things Fall Apart” sounds like “DFD” which sounds like “Lies,” and so on and so forth. Near the end of Frozen & Broken things get a bit more glitchy and experimental, with “Clastrophobe” and “Pulled & Put Back” both using Kid 606 cut-up sounds to a certain amount of success, but even then it’s not enough to stand out. When Lowfish isn’t sounding like his influences he’s not sounding like anything at all. This music has become tiresome. (Noise Factory Records 2008)

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