Happy birthday, Leonard Cohen


Nicole Richie. Luke Wilson. Cecil Fielder. Ethan Cohen. Bill Murray. Don Felder. Stephen King. Jerry Bruckheimer. All these individuals are celebrating a birthday today, but there are two others that deserve special praise. The first is Christopher Joseph Glotfelty. The writer-musician-philanthropist is probably best known to the American public as a blogger for Eat Sleep Drink Music, Premium Hollywood, and Scores Report. Often mistaken for Benny from “The Sandlot,” he is 24 today.

Then we have Mr. Lenoard Cohen. Perhaps the most beloved musician to ever emerge from Canada, Cohen continuously receives critical adoration on par with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Paul Simon as an older, yet active musician. Funny enough, Cohen first gained attention for his books of poetry, only venturing into the music business once he reached his 30s. After falling in with Andy Warhol and the “Factory” crowd, Cohen’s debut album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, failed to make a huge impact. However, Cohen was persistent and recorded vigorously during the 70s, as songs like “Bird on the Wire” and “Famous Blue Raincoat” slowly increased his appeal. Numerous albums, books of poetry, and awards later, Cohen still has that creative spark. In 2008, he began touring for this first time in 15 years and recieved favorable reviews. During his time off, Cohen spent five years in seclusion becoming a Zen Buddhist monk at the Mt. Baldy Zen Center. Unfortunately, in 2005, he was involved in a lawsuit with longtime manager Kelley Jensen, which he later won.

Cohen turns 75 today and will celebrate while performing in Barcelona. It’s unbelievable, considering he fainted onstage in Valencia, Spain two days ago in the middle of “Bird on the Wire.” And he’s back already? Even at 75, he’s more dedicated than most of these youngsters.


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