Howlies: Trippin’ With Howlies

Howlies’ bio begins with this description of their music: “an unexpected reinterpretation of garage, doo-wop, and 21st century rock ‘n’ roll.” Bios sometimes try too hard to pimp a band or use unnecessary adjectives, but this particular label, or labels, are spot on. Howlies’ debut, Trippin’ With Howlies, is a 43-plus minute romp of fun and throwback pseudo-psychedelic rock that probably sounds way better live than what producer Kim Fowley and the band were able to capture on tape. This is a band that formed in 2007 in Atlanta, after growing up together in the beach party town of Destin, Florida. Not surprisingly, the boundless energy of four guys just having a good time comes through on this debut, with songs that are equal parts raw and pleasantly addictive. It may not be groundbreaking or even the best thing you’ve heard this year, but with tracks like “Sea Level,” “Howlies Sound” or “Whiskey Night,” the flame of a party should burn on through the night when you pop this one in your player. (LABEL: Over Under Records)

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