Seen Your Video: Metric, “Sick Muse”

We were admittedly late to the Metric party, but after hearing the band’s fantastic new album Fantasies, we are officially smitten. And how cool is this: they just made a video for “Sick Muse,” the song we’ve been putting on mix discs since the album’s release.

The clip itself is simple one: the camera stays still while the band members play, or dance, or sing, or whatever they feel like doing. And if Emily Haines doesn’t have the cutest dance ever, we don’t know who does. Swoon. And as a bonus, this player – which defaults to auto-play, grrrr – contains videos for “Gimme Sympathy” and “Help I’m Alive” as well, along with audio streams of the entire Fantasies album. Sweeeeeeet.


Steal This Song: Metric, “Help, I’m Alive (Acoustic Version)”

This news will make our friend Heidi happy: Metric are about to release Fantasies, the band’s fourth album, and if the first single, “Help, I’m Alive,” is any indication, these guys are about to make the jump into the big leagues. Nice combination of electronic flourishes and acoustic instruments, and a Velcro hook in that “Beating like a hammer” line. Check it out.

And for you Metric fans who want more more more, the band is also giving away an acoustic version of “Help, I’m Alive,” for the low, low price of…your email address.


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