Hallelujah: A “YMCA”-free wedding mixtape

Here Comes the Bride: A Popdose Wedding Songs MixtapeWe’ve all been there: You’re invited to celebrate a couple’s special day with the bride, groom, and 100 or so of their closest friends and relatives. Everyone’s dressed up and looking good, the food is fine, and the alcohol is flowing. What could be better?

Here’s an idea — how about a DJ who doesn’t play the same damn songs you’ve heard at every other wedding you’ve been to? No “YMCA,” no “Electric Boogie,” and, for the love of God, no “Macarena.” It shouldn’t be that hard, but it is — which is why we’re so pleased to inform you that the gang at Popdose has gotten together and come up with “Bride of Popdose: A Wedding Songs Mixtape,” featuring a long list of songs from their own weddings that haven’t already been played to death. Whether it’s Ennio Morricone, Trisha Yearwood, Indigo Girls, or Beausoleil that strikes your fancy, you’re bound to find something worth celebrating here. And who knows? Maybe some of these songs will come in handy the next time you have to plan a wedding…


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