The Beatles – Rock Band will be released on 9/9/09

Beatles fans and Rock Band fans can celebrate – The Beatles version of the popular game will be released in September 2009.

Here are the highlights from the press release:

• The game takes players through an “unprecendented experiential progression” of the musical career of the band.
• The game will be available as standalone software and hardware, as well as a limited edition bundle. The game will be compatible with all Rock Band instrument controllers and other current music-based video game peripherals.
• There will be limited edition hardware modelled on instruments used by John, Paul, George and Ringo.
• The numbers:
– The Beatles: Rock Band Software – Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, Wii: $59.99 MSRP
– The Beatles: Rock Band Standalone Guitars – Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, Wii: $99.99 MSRP
– The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle: Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, Wii: $249.99 MSRP
– International pricing to be announced at a later date
• Giles Martin, co-producer of The Beatles innovative LOVE album project, is providing his expertise and serving as Music Producer
• Fans who pre-order the game will get access to exclusive content created by Apple Corps, MTV Games and Harmonix over the next few months.

Save your pennies!


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