Does this mean we can buy “Mean Mr. Mustard” on iTunes?

Apple Inc. (the guys who invented the iPod) and Apple Corps (the guys who invented Revolver) announced Monday that they’ve agreed to settle out of court. The two companies have been at odds for years over Apple Inc.’s use of an apple as its logo. Apple Corps was founded in 1968 by the Fab Four to oversee their business interests, using a green apple as its logo.

While financial terms were not disclosed, the new deal give Apple Inc. ownership of all of the trademarks concerning “Apple,” including the logo for iTunes. In return, the computer maker agreed to license certain trademarks—the ones pertaining to specific music—back to Apple Corps. Both sides also agreed to end litigation and pay their own legal costs.

A deal seemed imminent for several weeks. In January, when trumpeting the new iPhone, [Apple Inc. CEO Steve] Jobs proclaimed the company was changing its name to Apple Inc. and expanding its business to include more high-tech gizmos in addition to Macintosh computers.

[Apple Corps] confirmed months ago that the Beatles were in the process of remastering their entire catalog for online sales. Industry analysts and fans alike point to the just-announced deal as a precursor for the band’s iconic songs and albums to finally be sold via iTunes. Some rumor sites have gone so far to predict Jobs unveiling a Beatles-themed iPod.

Now if we can just get that AC/DC catalog on iTunes, we’ll be good to go.


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