Give It Away, Now: Free Mute Math download

Mute Math’s song “Typical” is available for free download. Never heard of Mute Math? This is what Bullz-Eye’s Mike Farley had to say about them:

On one hand, New Orleans four-piece rock band Mute Math is a throwback to ‘80s synth-pop a la Flock of Seagulls or Power Station, and at times they have an alt-electronica feel akin to Radiohead. But most of all, Mute Math’s slickly produced Warner Brothers debut is an amalgamation of sounds that are blended to create something way greater than the sum of its parts. Deftly mixing guitars, keys and electronic loops with the unique gravel-infused vocals of Paul Meany, Mute Math is a band that is going to win over a wide range of listeners – from the college kids to the music snobs who read “Spin” to the dudes who grew up in the ‘80s that are looking for something new to stick in their musical pipes. The first two singles, “Chaos” and “Plan B,” are representative of the album, but when these guys scale things back, as they do on the stunning track, “You Are Mine,” their potential as your new favorite band goes way up.

To download the song, click here.


K-Fed’s career already K-Dead?

According to a blurb on,
two of aspiring rapper Kevin Federline’s live performances have been cancelled.

Mr. Spears was planning to launch his new CD, Playing With Fire, with five guest appearances around the US, but lackluster ticket sales have already caused two and possibly three shows to be cancelled. His November 9 gig at House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio has already been scrapped, so no road trip for the Medskers. The crazy thing is, tickets were only about 20 bucks! Even crazier is that the other cancellation, at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, were only about 15 bucks!

Actually, I’m just being polite. Accepting fifteen bucks for a ticket, let alone paying it, couldn’t get me to a K-Fed show.


Notes From the Orphanage Part 3

When my editor told me he started this bit, I was the happiest person of all. Not only because all CDs come through me first before they are assigned and the pile is as high as a New York skyscraper. But because that means more artists get some kind of coverage. So here’s to you, Mr. Pulling Orphans Off the Pile Man…..


Avi Granite: 5 (Pet Mantis Records)
Old school jazz with dirty horns and distored guitars. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is thinking man’s jazz. Or even better, jazz for the stoner in you. But no matter what you call it, guitarist Avi Granite and his band are incredibly talented musicians.

Sam I Am: Whatever’s Got You Down (Hopeless)
A pretty good rock band with pop and punk flavors, but the lead singer sounds like (and I can’t think of any other way to say this) Fred Flintstone. It’s like I keep waiting for him to shout “WIL-MA” in the middle of each song. Seriously, singer Jason Beebout is just too distracting to keep this thing in your CD player for very long.

Dirty on Purpose: Hallelujah Sirens (North Street)
This is the kind of guitar-driven alt-pop that is perfect for kids who want to chill out in college dorms or for radio stations anywhere below 90 on the dial. Some of it is downright depressing, but in a good way. Did I just contradict myself? I think I did. Well, check this album out and see if you disagree.

Mushroomhead: Savior Sorrow (Filthyhands/Megaforce)
This is the kind of stuff that Beavis and Butthead would raise index finger and pinky to. And while it rocks and screams like you would expect from this Cleveland metal band, the songwriting on the album is pretty damn good, too—particularly on “Simple Survival” and “Save Us.”

The Beautiful Girls: Water (Cornerstone RAS)
This is not a band of hot chicks, as you might expect, but rather it’s four dudes who make music that sounds like Jack Johnson mixed with a bit of G. Love & Special Sauce. It’s good stuff too, especially the title track; and lead singer/songwriter Mat McHugh has a compelling voice. Now, someone please pass me the marijuana.

Cute is What We Aim For: The Same Old Blood Rush With a New Touch (Fueled By Ramen)
A pretty good band with some pretty catchy songs if you like the sort of pop/punk in which the lead singer puts a clothes pin on his nose while singing. This is MTV bordering on VH-1. But for the love of God can we please stop with the long band names and long album titles? I mean, does anyone think this is a good band name? Why not call yourselves Sally Looked at Me in English Class and I Think I Got A Two By Four In My Pants?

Kristy Frank: Freedom (Ruffnation)
This is teen pop but with a rock edge, ala Michelle Branch. And what are they putting in the kids’ milk these days? Kristy, a California native who is part Swedish, is only FIFTEEN. And this album is surprisingly catchy and well produced. I smell an MTV darling.


Mix Disc Monday: Whatshername

With all due respect to Angie, Amie, Beth, Mustang Sally, Maggie May, Alison and the one with the phone number 867-5309, they aren’t the only girls in the pop song universe. Heck, we could make this list using nothing but songs by Material Issue (“Diane,” “Renee Remains the Same”) and Ben Folds (“Losing Lisa,” “Carrying Cathy,” “Give Judy My Notice,” “Julianne”). However, in the issue of equal time, we’re limiting them both to one song each.

And, just to spice things up a bit, I’m getting the girls themselves involved: if we have a model whose name appears in one of these songs, you can look her up right here. And please, don’t ask me if I have their phone number, or know how to reach them, etc. I don’t. Girls that look like our models don’t talk to me. The only exception to that is my wife, and I only succeeded with her by getting her really, really drunk. That, and foot rubs. Lots and lots of foot rubs.

“Valerie Loves Me,” Material Issue (International Pop Overthrow)
One wonders what guitar pop would sound like right now if Jim Ellison hadn’t made the fateful decision to check out as early as he did. If it meant only one more song like this one, wouldn’t it have been worth it?
BE Girl Next Door: Valerie, April 2003

“Kate,” Ben Folds Five (Whatever and Ever, Amen)
I just love the first line of this song: “She plays ‘Wipeout’ on the drums, the birds and the squirrels come.” Everyone wants a girl that can play “Wipeout” on the drums, don’t they?
BE Girl Next Door: Katie Not a 100% match name-wise, but way too cute to pass up.

“Everybody Loves Jill,” Cowboy Mouth (Easy)
This song is surely written about the Jill that my friend Garrett just married. Not only does she have fiery, spectacularly untamed red hair, she loves the color red to boot, which matches the “She’s got a red house, that goes with her red boat” sing-song lyric to a tee. I’ll never forget Jill’s nieces (ages eight and under) all singing this song to her (first time they’d ever heard it) at her wedding reception.
BE Model: Jill, May 2002
BE GND: Jill, April 2002

“Laura,” Scissor Sisters (Scissor Sisters)
According to iTunes, I’ve played this song 25 times. Multiply that by about 20, and that should cover the times I’ve played it in the car, on the stereo, in the iPod or Discman, or put it on a mix for a friend. If you’re feeling melancholy, there is also the just-as-awesome “Laura” by Billy Joel, from what I consider his best album ever, The Nylon Curtain.
BE Model: Laura, August 2004

“Goodbye Lucille #1,” Prefab Sprout (Two Wheels Good)
Or from the album Steve McQueen, if you’re on the other side of the pond. This is the slow-jamz part of the mix, but there was something about that line “Life’s not complete ‘til your heart’s missed a beat / And you’ll never make it up, or turn back the clock / No, you won’t” that appealed to both the hopeless romantic and eternal pessimist in me.

“Veronica,” Elvis Costello (Spike)
Admit it: even though you know that Betty would never break your heart, you still want Veronica just the same. Come on, do you know any Bettys that look like this?
BE Model: Veronica, May 2006

“Who Killed Tangerine?,” Tears for Fears (Everybody Loves a Happy Ending)
No, I don’t know anyone named Tangerine, either, but since the lyric that follows the title in the song is “prettiest girl I’ve ever seen,” it counts. Besides, I take every chance I get to pimp this awesome, awesome song.

“Calling Sarah,” Jellyfish (Bellybutton)
Yes, I’ve listed three Jellyfish-related songs in the last two weeks. Click on the link below, and I think you’ll cut me a break.
BE Girl Next Door: Sarah, January 2003

“The Jessica Numbers,” New Pornographers (Twin Cinema)
The one moment where the archives dictated the mix disc: I originally pegged “Jackie, Dressed in Cobras,” from the same band and album, for this slot. But we had no Jackies on file. And frankly, I’m surprised we only had three Jessicas. Isn’t everyone in their twenties named Jessica?
BE Model: Jessica, September 2006
BE GND: Jessica, August 2002
BE Model: Jessica, September 2001

“Kelly Watch the Stars,” Air (Moon Safari)
If you’re feeling really adventurous, look for the mix of this that Moog Cookbook – aw, damn it, yet another Jellyfish reference – did of it for the soundtrack to the little-seen movie “Splendor.” Groovy, baby.

“Fly High Michelle,” Enuff Z’Nuff (Enuff Z’Nuff)
They hit the scene at the peak of hair metal, and they had absolutely nothing to do with the other bands on the scene…aside from the hair, that is. Upon hearing this ballad, I thought, “Man, if only Cheap Trick had done this instead of “The Flame.” We have more Michelles in the archives than we can count, but here are my two faves.
BE Model: Michelle, March 2006
BE Model: Michelle, March 2005

“Celestine,” Kirsty MacColl (Tropical Brainstorm)
This song should be the theme for Ali Larter’s character on “Heroes,” the dual-personality Niki. “Oh yes, she’s hot, she’s hot, she’s hot / She’s just a wild and wicked slut / And she lives inside my head, and stops me sleeping.” Yes, yes, and yes.

“Summer Moved On,” A-ha (Minor Earth, Major Sky)
My heartfelt apologies to “She Sheila,” the Producers song that originally held this slot. I originally planned on this piece consisting of more traditional names, but I’d already broken that with “Who Killed Tangerine?” And besides, this way I get to plug both a tragically overlooked A-ha song from 2000 and a girl who actually deserves the name Summer. Does anyone watch “The O.C.” anymore?
BE GND: Summer, June 2004

“Susan,” Aimee Mann (Bachelor No. 2)
After writing a slew of songs with boy’s names in them – “David Denies,” “Long Gone (Buddy),” “’J’ for Jules” – Mann penned “Susan,” with a melody so bouncy that you’d hardly notice its remorseful undercurrent. If this one doesn’t do it for you, try her song “Goodbye Caroline,” from the great The Forgotten Arm.
BE GND: Suzi, August 2005
BE GND: Susie, February 2002

“For Nancy,” Pete Yorn (musicforthemorningafter)
‘cause it alllllready iiiiiiiiiiis…..

Bonus track: “Darling Nikki,” Prince and the Revolution (Purple Rain)
I’m only including this because we have a gaggle of Nikkis in our library. Check-ch-check-check-check, check them out.
BE GND: Nikki, March 2006
BE Model: Nikki, January 2006
BE GND: Nikki, September 2005
BE GND: Nikki, June 2005


Weekend Video Vault for October 27, 2006

Trick or treat! Oh, it’s all tricks this week, kids. Seeing how Halloween will have come and gone by the time the next video update caresses your eyes, I thought I’d do something a little different this week. Instead of the usual professional videos gathered for your pleasure, this time I scoured YouTube for some really great clips of regular people just lip syncing to songs in front of their web cams. It’s good and good for you, and maybe you won’t find the razor blade tucked away inside the chewy goodness! So have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween to you all.

“pcp lol dumbass boring lip sync” If this is just a joke, it’s hilarious as is. If it isn’t a joke, then it’s twice as funny. It is placed in the “comedy” category, so we’ll give dakingpcp (who made the video) the benefit of the doubt. I dunno what the hell the song is he’s lip syncing to, but the hand gestures and facial expressions are pure gold.

“i want you to want me” boybandlover001 hits us over the head while lip syncing (By request, even!) to Lindsay Lohan’s cover of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me.” This one takes a little while to load for some reason, so give it a little time. You gotta love folks who look at themselves in their monitors instead of straight into the camera. Place your bets now on if you think this girl even knows about Cheap Trick.

“Lip-sync” Bendyfreak004 gives us this disturbing video of her lip syncing to Celine Dion’s cover of Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself.” The audio isn’t too good, but that video…ah…what’s the phrase for it? “Illegal in 45 states,” I think.

“Cher Lip Sync” lordhazzard (of Lord Hazzard Productions) has a few hilarious clips available, but this one is the best. A perfect send up of everyone who takes themselves seriously when making lip syncing videos.

“James Blunt Music Video – You’re Beautiful” No, it’s not the official video, but rather a video made by PetrosBakalyan based on Blunt’s overplayed hit. Why can’t this song just go away? Don’t you see, it inspires people to make videos like this? My eyes!

“Lip Sync Madness” vialyone gives us this hilarious lip sync medley. Intentionally hilarious, mind you.

“Grillz Lip Sync” Here’s NJDevilBrodeur lip syncing to Nelly’s “Grillz”! I still think Mike Rowe does it best, but this is good and plenty as well.

“sexy love lip syncing” alvisjose is really feelin’ it in his lip syncing contribution to the Internet at large. Perhaps he’s feelin’ it a little too much. So many people post these videos with descriptions saying they were just bored when they did it, but we all know this isn’t the case. People wanna be stahz, kid!

“me n pussycat dolls” And underage girls everywhere get the idea to do a little sumthin’ sumthin’ like this, yo. darkdeceiver entertains us with some scintillatingly poor pixelated lip syncing, but as she says in the comments section you can just ask anyone if she can really lip sync!

“magic_moments” All right, we’ll close out this frightfest with flight0001 entertaining himself in front of his webcam. You have to admire a dude like this entertaining himself and everyone else. It uhhh…throws a bit of cold water on they who would take themselves too seriously while attempting a similar feat.


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