Finally, someone understands what music downloaders want…

…and, unsurprisingly, it’s Rhino Records, who’ve already been catering to the music geek community for years with their Rhino Handmade label.

It hasn’t been publicized nearly enough, but if you visit the label’s website, you’ll see a link to a new section simply called “Digital.” It’s not a particularly glamorous section; in fact, the intro only consists of three sentences.

Sometimes great albums go out of print. It’s just a fact of life. Here are some from the Warner Music Group vaults that we’ve brought back as high-quality digital downloads.

The downloads are 99 cents per track, and they cover various genres, but those who’ve wanted to hunt up certain out-of-print discs but couldn’t afford the eBay pricetag will be giddy to hear things like Guadalcanal Diary’s Jamboree, Marshall Crenshaw’s Downtown and Mary Jean & 9 Others, the Dream Academy’s self-titled debut, or the Dead Boys’ We Have Come For Your Children will now have their chance. Selection is pretty limited at the moment, but here’s hoping the endeavor proves successful enough to cause the Warner vaults to be opened wide…

Now, there’s one thing you should note: as it stands right now, these tracks are available as WMA downloads for Windows users only.

Which sucks.

But, still, it’s a start…


ESD Album Cover Quiz #2: Easier! 100% more fun!

Okay, so that first stab at the album cover quiz, well, let’s not mince words, it was fookin’ impossible, I admit it. This time, I tried to assemble a more focused list, so if you know one, odds are you know the rest. But there’s a catch: each of these albums has something in common with the others. So along with the names of the artists and album titles, you also need to list the one thing that they have in common. Send in your answers to davidm @ with “Album cover quiz” in the heading. Have fun, and enjoy! (Note: in order to prevent anyone from blabbing the answers, the Comments feature has been disabled. Sorry, dude.)


Hip-hop Hilton…? God help us.

Paris Hilton says her debut album, as yet untitled, will be a mixture of reggae, pop, and hip-hop.

That’s right, kids, because ain’t nobody tougher than Paris, yo. And ain’t nothin’ more hardcore than her doin’ a cover of Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy,” know what I’m sayin’…?

Actually, the most ridiculous thing about this article is the quote from Paris where she says she had to overcome shyness to become a singer. “When I finally let go and did it,” she said, “I realized it is what I am most talented at and what I love to do the most.”

Given the previous “talent” she’s shown as an actress…am I the only one who cheered when she bought it in “House of Wax”?…one can only hope she shows a bit more aptitude with this project.


Sick of James Blunt, too? So is this radio station

Now if only the rest of the world would follow this lead. An English radio station has decided to stop playing James Blunt’s songs “You’re Beautiful” and “Goodbye My Lover” because they’re sick of hearing them. Indeed. Just being within a 50 midle radius of hearing those songs is grounds for psychotic viloence by the listener. Hopefully Blunt’s career tragjectory will ape that of similar artists such as Pete Yorn, who also could bores the tears out of boredom itself and who also managed to insult everyone by reissuing his debut album multiple times.


“Whaaaaaaat…? Of COURSE it has nothing to do with my radio show being cancelled, you big silly!”


So that’s why, only a few weeks after finding himself unemployed, David Lee Roth is suddenly ready for a Van Halen reunion.

Total coincidence.


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