Specifics on The Clash’s London Calling 30th anniversary edition release

As a high school kid knee-deep in punk albums, listening to The Clash’s London Calling was a revelation. Here was a record that felt raw, but was genuinely built around infectious melodies and catchy vocals. The album felt old, yet fresh, and was instantly endearing. This was a band hellbent on having fun. For as serious as I took music at the time, I forget about my manufactured ideals when I spent time with London Calling.

Some of you might own the reissue commemorating the album’s 25th anniversary. Well, I’m sorry, but London Calling: 30th Anniversary Legacy Edition is on its way.

Available December 14th, the compilation will include a remastered version of the 1979 classic as well as Don Letts’ documentary The Last Testament: The Making of London Calling, three music videos, and home-movie footage of the band. The package will also include a new 20-page booklet and vinyl “replica” sleeves to match the original version of the album. So, perhaps it’s actually worth checking out.

London Calling: 30th Anniversary Legacy Edition Tracklist:
Disc One:
01. London Calling
02. Brand New Cadillac
03. Jimmy Jazz
04. Hateful
05. Rudie Can’t Fail
06. Spanish Bombs
07. The Right Profile
08. Lost In The Supermarket
09. Clampdown
10. The Guns Of Brixton
11. Wrong ‘Em Boyo
12. Death Or Glory
13. Koka Kola
14. The Card Cheat
15. Lover’s Rock
16. Four Horsemen
17. I’m Not Down
18. Revolution Rock
19. Train In Vain

Disc Two:
The Last Testament: The Making of London Calling
“London Calling” music video
“Train in Vain” music video
“Clampdown” music video
Home video footage of The Clash recording in Wessex Studios

Hopefully they put all the goodies on this one.