My Favorite Highway: How to Call a Bluff

Depending on how cynical you are, there are two ways you can look at My Favorite Highway: Either they’re a television music supervisor’s wet dream – and the latest withered apple to fall off the Something Corporate branch of the blink-182 family tree – or they’re every bit as earnest as they seem, and their full-length debut, How to Call a Bluff, is really just the front line in a new wave of bands whose members grew up listening to Third Eye Blind, Matchbox Twenty, and Everclear. Either way, there’s no getting around the fact that lead Highwayman David Cook is a songwriter with a gift for melody and his heart strapped firmly to his sleeve, and if that just happens to be exactly what it takes to get your music played in an episode of “The Hills,” that’s no reason to write the band off as a crass, watered-down facsimile of something that wasn’t all that great in the first place, is it? Well, again, that depends on your level of cynicism – but if you can bring yourself to listen to Bluff without hearing the strong echoes of the band’s influences, though, you’ll find it a veritable buffet of sweet, fizzy pop treats, all gleaming surfaces, sticky hooks, and giant choruses. If this Highway leads to less-traveled environs, some beautiful vistas could await. (Virgin 2009)

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Pop/Rock Gets A Shiny New Twist

My Favorite Highway's, Anywhere But Here

When it comes to alternative emo bands, there’s certainly no shortage of aspiring talent. It seems like another whiney, longhaired group of adolescents pop up on radio and MTV every other day, replacing the boy bands of the 90’s with actual instrument-playing musicians. However, the recent surplus of young bands has meant only one thing: it’s harder to find the real talent behind the masses of wanna-be’s.

Fortunately, there is real talent out there waiting to be discovered. Case in point: My Favorite Highway. This young band from Fairfax, Virginia is comprised of cousins Will (bass) and David Cook (vocals/guitar/piano), Bobby Morganthaler (drums), and Pat Jenkins (guitar). The quartet came together after David dropped out of college because he was, “feeling uninspired” and after several line-up changes, have created the perfect combination of pop/rock with an alternative/punk flare. Their knack for incredible songwriting, catchy melodies, and infectious energy set them apart from the rest of the pop/punk masses.

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