Taylor Swift performs “Soon You’ll Get Better”

What a great performance by Taylor Swift at the One World: Together At Home concert.


Bob Dylan Live – Love Minus Zero/No Limit

This is a very good version of one of Dylan’s best songs . . .


35 years since ‘Bat out of Hell’

Here’s a video of Meatloaf performing “Bat out of Hell” from his first tour. The iconic album of the same name came out 35 years ago and has sold over 43 million copies. It’s a stunning rock album.

Meatloaf is now touring to celebrate the anniversary, but unfortunately he’s not quite the same singer from years ago.

Cleveland put Meat Loaf on the map 35 years ago with the Cleveland International Records release of “Bat Out of Hell,” the seminal rock anthem album that to date has sold more than 43 million copies, third most in U.S. history.

Thus, it’s fitting to use a uniquely Cleveland reference to describe his anniversary concert at PlayhouseSquare’s State Theatre Wednesday night:

Meat Loaf should have had the beloved Mr. Jingeling in his backup band; at least then Mr. Loaf would’ve had a chance of finding a key.

For almost two-and-a-half hours, the beefy actor-singer whose real name is Marvin Lee Aday wandered all over the vocal landscape, massacring his phrasing and only occasionally hitting a note. It’s not that he was flat. It’s not that he was sharp. It’s that he, well, just WASN’T. It made you long for karaoke.

Ouch! I guess age does catch up to everyone . . .