Tired of life? Lil Wayne is here to help

Although Lil Wayne is stuck in jail on weapons charges, that isn’t keeping him from getting some work done. In a recent interview, the rapper’s ex-wife, Antonia “Toya” Johnson, says Weezy has been given the task on making sure the suicidal inmates don’t off themselves.

From RollingStone.com:

Lil Wayne makes his living as the bestselling rapper on the planet, but while serving his year-long jail sentence at New York’s Rikers Island, Weezy has entirely new job: keeping watch over suicidal inmates. Antonia “Toya” Johnson, the mother of one of Wayne’s children, tells Us Weekly, “Wayne has a job. They got him on suicide watch for other prisoners. He watches the crazy prisoners and makes sure they don’t kill themselves.” Finding himself in a 9-to-5, albeit in prison, Weezy shares a similar complaint with much of the working population. “He likes the job even though they don’t pay him much,” Toya says of the Young Money multimillionaire.

This just fits perfectly into the life of Lil Wayne.

Photo from fOTOGLIF