State Shirt: This is Old

Songwriter Ethan Tufts is, by his own account, making music when not doing “nerd shit” behind a desk. His musical guise, State Shirt, definitely bears some of that nerdy aesthetic – electronic percussion textures and synth washes, meticulously tracked backing vocals, and a sense of angst that’s polished up Los Fucking Angeles style. And “polish” is the key word here. Though he lists influences like Mogwai, Sebadoh, Fugazi and Neil Young on his MySpace, State Shirt’s music has far more in common with mainstream modern rock. Imagine if Linkin Park decided to buy some indie cred and collaborate with the Flaming Lips and Radiohead. Actually, it’s not quite as outrageous as that description may sound. In fact, this mix of styles is pretty solid, which is just what expressions of hopelessness like the title track (“The finest things in life I will always refuse / The worst things in life I will always abuse”) and “I Hate California” call for. (Los Fucking Angeles 2008)

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