Peter Cincotti: East of Angel Town

Young pianist and singer/songwriter Peter Cincotti came off as a young Harry Connick, Jr. with his crooner delivery on his self-titled debut a few years back. So it may come as a shock when you hear his new album of all original material, East of Angel Town. That’s because this is a pop/rock album through and through, and Cincotti has obviously been hiding behind some really impressive songwriting ability. But this project was also aided by an all-star team of producers including David Foster, Humberto Garcia and Jochem van der Saag, all of whom contributed to making this album sound larger than life. All of that also makes Cincotti’s newfound pop sensibility a nice breath of fresh air, and while the closest comparison to the songs on East of Angel Town might be Gavin DeGraw, make no mistake about the fact that Peter Cincotti has his own artistry and he wears it well. Among a pretty stellar batch of songs, the standouts are the hard-driving “Be Careful” and “Love is Gone,” the bluesy “Another Falling Star” and “Witches Brew” and the made-for-radio pop gem, “Man on a Mission.” (LABEL: Warner Bros.)

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