Cause of Travis Barker and DJ AM’s plane crash revealed

According to the Associated Press, the plane crash that left both drummer Travis Barker and a young DJ AM injured was caused by “under-inflated tires.”


Talking to the National Transportation Safety Board yesterday (April 6), investigators revealed that they estimated the last time the pressure in the plane’s tires had been checked was three weeks before the crash, when after 8 days the tires would have needed changing.

As previously reported, last year Barker settled a lawsuit with Learjet and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co, who were both involved in the accident.

While Barker and Goldstein were the only survivors in the crash, Goldstein died of a drug overdose a year after the incident.

This is the type of accident that looks much worse in hindsight. Somebody just forgot to make sure the tires had enough air in them? Geez.

On another note, how creepy is the correlation between popular musicians and plane crashes? If I were in their shoes, I’d pull a John Madden and just stick to the bus.


DJ AM’s mother adds wrongful death claim to lawsuit


In September 2008, DJ AM (real name Adam Goldstein) and Travis Barker were involved in a terrible plane crash. Although four people died, Goldstein and Barker managed to escape with severe burns. Goldstein, a former drug addict, starting using again after the crash. By August 2009, he was dead at the result of an accidental overdose. Now Goldstein’s mother is adding a wrongful death claim to the one Adam filed against the plane manufacturers and the estates of the pilots responsible for the crash.

“The crash ultimately caused Adam Goldstein’s death at a later date,” the papers state. 

 Friends and associates of the musician have widely blamed his trauma from the September 2008 plane crash as leading to his fatal relapse in August.

 A trial is set for March 2. A number of opposing lawsuits have been filed in the case.

 Learjet has previously denied all responsibility for the crash.

Well, friends and family believe Goldstein’s fragile state after the crash led to his relapse. That may be so, but the plane manufacturers and the pilots didn’t force Goldstein to take drugs years before he boarded one of their planes. I understand that a plane crash must be incredibly traumatic. Nevertheless, Goldstein chose to turn to drugs. The defendants didn’t suggest that Goldstein take drugs following the accident.

The defendants should be held responsible for any injuries, lost earnings, etc. However, they are not responsible for Goldstein’s drug overdose.


MTV to proceed with DJ AM reality show


MTV has decided to air DJ AM’s reality show “Gone Too Far,” which wrapped production shortly before his tragic death in August. The eight-episode series will follow DJ AM as he aids drug addicts on their path to sobriety.

DJ AM knew all too well about the daily struggle of drug addiction. The late celebrity spinner (born Adam Goldstein), who died of an accidental drug overdose in August at age 36, spent his last few months filming an MTV series called “Gone Too Far,” in which he spoke candidly about his own addiction, his 11 years of sobriety and his desire to help other young addicts overcome their demons.

Now, with the consent and support of AM’s family, MTV will begin airing the eight-episode documentary series on Monday, October 12. The one-hour show will air at 10 p.m. ET/PT and chronicle the lives of young addicts, ages 20-25, who are offered a chance at recovery.

DJ AM was killed by what police are calling an “accidental overdose.” It’s strange to think that just under a year ago he and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker survived a plane crash that killed four people. Unfortunately, DJ AM was unable to escape death twice.


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