Like the song in the iPad commercial? Check these out…

The song is called “There Goes My Love” by The Blue Van, a Danish blues-rock van. The commercial has been all over the airwaves lately, but if you’ve been living under a rock (or are just really good with the 30-second skip button on your DVR remote), take a listen:

The song is from the band’s third album, Man Up. I reviewed their first two efforts, The Art of Rolling and Dear Independence and enjoyed them both. Here are a few highlights from their first two releases:

“Revelation of Love” (The Art of Rolling)

“Product of DK” (The Art of Rolling)

“Baby, I’ve Got Time” (The Art of Rolling)

“Independence” (Dear Independence)

“The Odyssey” (Dear Independence)

“The Time Is Right” (Dear Independence)

“White Dominos” (Dear Independence)

“Man Up” (Man Up)