SXSW 2010 Quick Hits, Day 3: Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, again

I was so impressed with the band’s headlining set at Antone’s the previous night that I had to catch them again for this 6:00 day party set at Rusty Spurs on 7th Street. The band didn’t get to play quite as long, but they threw down another well received hour-long set before a packed house in the little bar. The new “Oasis” received the big jam treatment here, with bassist Catherine Popper once again powering the band’s jammy evolution. The mesmerizing Potter was sincerely appreciative of the positive crowd reaction throughout the set.

“There’s a lot of other places you could be right now and I hope you’re as glad as we are that you’re here and that’s what this next song is about,” said Potter in introducing a heartfelt new tune about how “all the treasures of my life are here in my hands.” The set continued to surge with Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” which built into a huge crescendo with Potter really belting it out at the end. “Medicine” soared as well, and featuring a four-way percussion jam before the band revved up for one more huge jam to close out another triumphant set. This band is quite simply en fuego and is most definitely one of the top rising acts to watch in 2010 and beyond.

grace potter 2


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