Spiral Stairs hints at new Pavement material


I don’t know how I let this euphoric piece of new fly under my radar. In an interview with The Age, Pavement’s Spiral Stairs suggests the band will record new songs if the tour goes well. He’s screwing with us, right?

The announcement claimed the tour was not a prelude to a full-blown reformation but during a recent chat Kannberg revealed that new Pavement songs could be on the cards.

“If it’s enjoyable for us, I think it is inevitable that we’ll make some more music,” Kannberg said from Seattle as he packed up his worldly goods ahead of a move to Melbourne to marry an Australian lass.

“I hope so because I think it will be fun.

“If I was a fan of the band, I’d want to hear some new music, but we’re just going to see how it goes.

“We’re taking it one step at a time.”

Kannberg said Pavement had plenty of creative steam left when it broke up, and he had missed the band’s unique chemistry, camaraderie and sense of humour.

During Pavement’s years apart, Kannberg toured with his Preston School of Industry outfit and appeared as a guest with other relatively obscure bands. But it just wasn’t the same.

Pavement is the one band I wouldn’t mind recording new material after a long hiatus. People always wonder what the next Beatles album would have sounded like if the band had stayed together. I wasn’t around back then, so I never had the rabid curiosity. With Pavement, however, I can’t help but speculate.


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