Are the remastered Fab Four even fabber?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you know by now that the entire Beatles catalog was given a new coat of paint on Wednesday, courtesy of a series of painstaking remasters commissioned by the gang at Apple Records — but what you may not know is whether the reissued albums are worth your hard-earned coin. With a slew of CDs on the market, including a limited-edition, 11-disc box of mono mixes, a person could conceivably spend upwards of $400 on the freshly polished Fab Four. If you’re on the fence about the remasters, never fear — Bullz-Eye is here to help.

In a discussion held by David Medsker and yours truly, the stereo remasters are held up against not only the original Beatles CDs, but the remastering fad in general, as well as the compression fad that has sent modern recordings on a quest for ever-brighter levels of sound. (In David’s words, “We’ve heard some shitty-sounding records in the last few years, haven’t we?”) Like many of you, we were concerned that the ’09 versions of these classic albums wouldn’t really do the original recordings any favors, and approached them with a healthy degree of cynicism.

So how did it turn out? Not to be too suspenseful about it, but you’ll have to click on the image above or follow this link to get the verdict. See you there!


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