Schleusolz: Running Out of Time

Back some years ago, the members of Devo thought it would be interesting to re-record a collection of their favorites in easy listening styles and release the whole damn thing as the E-Z Listening Disc. The sound they conjured on that release is the closest thing I can compare this album by Schleusolz to. It’s cheesy as hell, and the Casio-like quality of the drums on some of the tracks will have you loving or hating it, perhaps both at the same time. But what you have here is 16 tracks of instrumental goofiness that defies explanation – and perhaps even good taste. Yet it’s all fun. “Make My Heart Go Boom” rocks in ways it absolutely shouldn’t. “Detroit Teenage Riot” sounds like some leftover early ’80s synth nightmare. “Neo-Liberal Coffee Bar” could almost make Kraftwerk blush. That’s actually fitting, since these guys hail from the same country. Whatever this stuff is, it’s definitely worth hearing. Yes, it may induce a headache, but then where would we be without such classic, mind-bending albums as Trout Mask Replica? In a far worse place, my friends. Weirdly brilliant. (self-released)

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