Anne Weiss: Concrete World and the Lover’s Dream

Anne Weiss finds herself sitting comfortably in a blues folk style on this new release. On the quieter songs here, her voice often recalls that of Joni Mitchell’s, and at other times it’s gritty and soulful, making a unique contrast. This is well-played, well-produced music, but at times Weiss tries to hit a few notes that her delicate voice can’t quite muster, as on the opening track “Ain’t Got No Reason to Lie to You.” But then she turns it all around with something like “The Song About the Affair That I’m Not Having” and it’s hard not to want to hear more. Of course, there are also some seriously funky grooves on “Special Delivery,” which features beatboxing and a sweet brass arrangement. This is where Weiss becomes her own person and sheds the sounds of others. On the title track and “Write Me a Few of Your Lines,” Weiss hits a bluesy groove that is pretty strong as well, if only her voice didn’t seem to start losing it’s power on the latter track. Overall this is pretty good stuff that’s a refreshing break from the usual thing we hear from artists like Weiss. (Potter Street Records)

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