Kylie Minogue: Boombox: The Remix Album

It physically pains us that Kylie Minogue isn’t big in America. Heaven knows that we’ve embraced singers with thinner voices and weaker tunes, not to mention there are few pop stars on the planet as awesomely hot as the Divine Miss K. Capitol thought they had lightning in a bottle when “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” exploded, but once “Love at First Sight” scratched and clawed its way to #23, they learned the same lesson that Geffen learned a decade before: in radio terms, Kylie’s not a girlfriend – she’s a one-night stand. With the release of Boombox: The Remix Album, it appears that Capitol (who shuffled the contract off to hipster indie Astralwerks) is fulfilling their obligation to releasing Minogue’s records, and the choice is a curious one. On the one hand, compiling the remixes will rope in her gay club-going fans, but will they be satisfied with edited versions of the mixes? Astralwerks better hope so, because the mixes on Boombox are not going to play to mainstream dance popsters. The mash-up of “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” with New Order’s “Blue Monday” is cute, and the Chemical Brothers add a nice dose of sleaze to “Slow,” but the majority of the mixes are relentless, thumpa-thumpa-thumpa dub-style mixes (“Wow,” in particular, is hacked to bits). If we had our way, Boombox would use single edits, with a bonus disc of full-length remixes. With any luck, a more commercial-friendly version of Boombox is in the works. (Astralwerks)

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