Benjamin Taylor: The Legend of Kung Folk Part 1

Once you get past the odd title of this album and just listen, one thing is clear — it’s never been more evident that this is James Taylor’s son. Benjamin grew up with James and Carly Simon teaching him right from wrong, and somewhere in there he just couldn’t help but inherit those artistic genes and his dad’s vocal tone. But whether it’s music industry politics or the fact that the kid has huge shoes to fill, Benjamin has yet to emerge as the same star his parents were, and are. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t write beautiful pop, and The Legend of Kung Folk Part 1, his third album, is Taylor’s best work yet. It’s jazzy, New York City inspired intelli-pop, and it’s as easy on the ears as a feather to skin. As for the title, it appears that Taylor is just having a little fun, but his songs are a bit more on the serious, heartstring-grabbing side. Two of the best tracks are the haunting “She’s Gone” and “Dangerous Girl,” but the closer, “After It’s Over,” is the prettiest piano ballad of the year, and tailor (no pun) made for a movie soundtrack. (Iris Records)

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