Get to Know: Regina Spektor

Russian-born Regina Spektor makes quirky, piano-driven music for the hipster set. She scored a minor hit this year with “Fidelity” from Begin to Hope, her fourth full-length release, but her catalog features several great songs. Where possible, I included links to a live performance or the proper video for each song (hosted by YouTube). I also included links to iTunes and/or Amazon for convenient purchase. Let’s get to know Regina Spektor.

“Fidelity” – Begin to Hope
This song is insanely catchy, from the lovely melody to the creative chorus. It’s one of the few of her songs that doesn’t feature the piano, but it works nonetheless.
iTunes | Amazon

“Samson” – Songs / Begin to Hope
This track is also available on Begin to Hope, but the version on Songs is longer (and therefore, better). “Samson” is Spektor’s signature tune. Her voice and the piano are gorgeous and the lyrics are inventive.
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“Buildings” – 11:11
This song is about an alcoholic wife who is enabled by her husband. Despite the subject matter, it’s quite lovely.

“Ode to Divorce” – Soviet Kitsch
This haunting track is about a breakup. Spektor hits one out of the park when she asks, “Won’t you help a brother out?”

“Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men” – Reptilia (by The Strokes)
The Strokes brought Spektor in for this duet, which is a little bit harder than most of Spektor’s usual fare. The song still shows off her considerable singing chops.

“On the Radio” – Begin to Hope
Like “Fidelity,” this song is meant to be radio-friendly. The strings and piano at the beginning are inviting and the lyrics (which describe listening to “November Rain” on the radio) are quite witty.
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“Us” – Soviet Kitsch
This track shows of Spektor’s great voice and illustrates the beginning of the stuttering singing style she later used in “Fidelity.” The video is pretty quirky, not unlike her music.


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