Jimmy Witherspoon featuring Robben Ford: Live at the 1972 Monterey Jazz Festival

Jimmy Witherspoon was so enthralled with what he was hearing from his guitarist, Robben Ford, that he shouted his name in approval a dozen times throughout his ’72 Monterey Jazz performance (ten of those shouts occurring during the solo in “Goin’ Down Slow” alone), preserved here on disc. Ford truly did earn the co-credit on this disc, and eventually went on to play with Miles Davis a decade later. As for ‘Spoon, what’s even more entertaining than his jolly takes on classics like “Kansas City” and “Walkin’ By Myself” are his outbursts – threatening to tear away the stage curtain (“I’ll cut it! I’ve got my knife!” he shouts three times when the curtain is drawn after “Walkin’ by Myself”), and then cutting off his band midway through his performance of “Early One Morning” to tell the audience about the night he drank some scotch after forgetting that he had just popped some reds. To their credit, the band (bassist Stan Poplin, drummer Jim Baum, and Paul Nagel on Fender Rhodes) also stay plenty tight for ‘Spoon and Ford, anchoring a night that had to have been a total gas for all who were there. (Monterey Jazz Festival 2008)

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