Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs

Yes, Rolling Stone has trotted out another list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. It seems like they do this every other year anymore. 500 is an awful lot, isn’t it? Ah well, nothing in the first 100 is even remotely new. Is this good or bad? You decide.


Kazaa goes down

Score another point for the RIAA in its fight against illegal downloading. Sharman Networks, owners of the popular P2P software, have agreed to settle with the RIAA for $100 million and to go legit. The MPAA has also recently settled its litigation with the company as well.

As someone who has done his fair share of trading across these rogue networks over the years, there was a time when I was really gung-ho about these things and how they’d be around for a long time despite the RIAA’s efforts. I still feel this is the case, but anymore I personally couldn’t care less about my own involvement. The initial fun of the whole mp3 trading thing wore off a while ago, and with legit places like eMusic offering up a nice selection of albums anymore, I don’t mind buying the occasional album or song. Plus, I’m going to toot the horn for my ever-favorite La la that is still hands down the most amazing music trading community I’ve ever been part of.


Let’s pretend we’re married

Wait, on second thought…let’s not.


‘Tallica sells out to iTunes

Metallica fans everywhere can now rejoice as the band who hates music thieves put their first four albums on iTunes, with bonus live tracks. Before, you had to buy each album as a whole in its digital format on places like MSN Music, but now, roll around in your choice of any of the band’s early songs.

If that’s not enough for ya, the band is also scheduled to appear on “The Simpsons” on September 10th on Fox.


What? A former boy-band member is gay? Preposterous!

Fiddlesticks. Does this look like the face of a gay man to you?

Clearly Lance Bass is just looking to steal the spotlight from JT’s new single, or possibly horn in on some of the media attention those two former 98 Degrees singers are getting. Between Drew Lachey’s winning the title of King Star Dancer and brother Nick’s public nursing of his she-devil-inflicted wounds, Lance is probably just feeling a little left out of the Boy Band Alumni limelight.

Gay, shmay. Next they’ll be telling us that Tom Cruise is gay, or something equally ridiculous…


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