Will Harris remembers Doug Fieger

Doug Fieger

To many, Doug Fieger will always be just a member of The Knack, the band that quickly rose to prominence in the late 70s with its massive hit, “My Sharona.” But to those that followed The Knack throughout its career, they did so because of Fieger’s charms as a gifted pop songwriter and vocalist. His talent was anything but fleeting, as his bulky songbook can attest. Whether it was the band’s debut album, Get The Knack, or overlooked efforts such as Serious Fun, Fieger’s craft rarely wavered. Considering Fieger’s contributions to Was (Not Was)’s Born to Laugh at Tomadoes, work as producer with Rubber City Rebels and Mystery Pop, and reputation as a true student of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s obvious that Fieger adored music until the very end. Simply put, Fieger was always trying something new — even if we didn’t know about it.

In his recent column, Will Harris details his experience with Fieger’s music, from his first impressions of “My Sharona” through Fieger’s last released recording. Also featured are fond memories of Fieger left by other members of the music industry including Nick Kozonis, David Bash, and Barry Holdship. Give it a read.


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