Seven Mile Ride: Seven Mile Ride

Seven Mile Ride cranks out music that fits squarely within that sort of journeyman rock groove that has been well trodden before by many other like-minded groups. Vocalist and guitarist Shayne Rushton has one of those semi-gravelly voices that compels you to keep listening, and at times his guitar work can bring to mind the great Roky Erickson (check out those searing notes that cut through the intro on “Take Me Home”). “Face in the Crowd” kicks things off with an almost jazzy vibe that signals this might be something different. When the third tune “Always” rolls around, though, Seven Mile Ride starts sounding more like typical bar band fare than anything seriously breakout. That’s nothing bad in their case; indeed, “Dance Song” is fun and funky, and “Keep to Myself” has a solid strutting rhythm to it. But overall this is pretty safe stuff that doesn’t take too many chances. (Macaca Fuscata Records)

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