Little Man: Of Mind and Matter

I admit that when I first saw the cover art for this disc I was prepared for some sort of bad hippie holdover bullshit from the past. But upon hearing the music, it’s obvious that Little Man has his head squarely in classic glam, pop, bubblegum, and just plain old great rock and roll. “Tarots and Arrows” sounds like a lost “Nuggets” classic, while “Everyone on the Floor” hits on a super Beatles/Raspberries groove. “Talisman” finds Little Man putting on his best T. Rex hat and is actually better than most of the classic tracks from Electric Warrior. On “Get it to Ground,” we finally have a true successor to early ‘70s Bowie that sounds impeccable – both a tribute, but also its own wonderful entity. “Not Quite So High” is good solid rock an “Together on the Long Way Around” hits upon the greatness of Spacehog. That Little Man can do all of these things while making it sound his own is nothing short of spectacular. This is one of those albums you’ll love upon first listen and keep listening to over and over. Absolutely essential. (self-released)

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