Creepiest music video ever?

This “Into The Night” video from Benny Mardones will blow your mind. Looking back now, so many videos from the 80s in MTV’s heyday don’t withstand the test of time. They were bad then, and not come across as completely absurd.

Bill Simmons writes about sports but mixes in pop culture, and he’s had a running feature in his weekly mailbag covering videos that should be considered for the “Weirdest ’80s Video Pantheon.” He rejected on video saying:

Nah, we can do better for the Weirdest ’80s Video Pantheon. Needs to be something on par with Loverboy and “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Something that screams, “How much cocaine did they do back then?” and “Did they have the same basic laws that we have now?” You know, something like …

That’s where he introduces this nightmare from Mr. Mardones. Read the whole thing as it’s hilarious. Here’s one highlight:

2:15–2:46: The chorus again. We just banged out 91 straight seconds of the same camera shot of a weird guy stalking a teenager on a pay phone. This video cost $12,000 but the budget looked like this:

DIRECTOR (1): $500
EDITOR: $300
COCAINE: $10,350

Watch the video and read along with Bill’s play-by-play and you’ll never forget this creep-fest!