Great Ways to Get Your Band Discovered


Have you ever thought of starting a band…on Spotify? It’s not as far out an idea as it sounds, and these days it can be a smart and convenient way to find talented people in your area and collaborate with other musicians. Not only can social media help you put your crew together, you can also use it as a tool to help your band reach the spotlight. Here are some ways to help your band get discovered.


This is one of the most prominent platforms that up and coming bands have at their disposal. Uploading videos is fairly easy and free, but the key to gaining recognition on YouTube is putting out excellent content. Put as much quality into the production of your videos as you can afford, and make sure you present the band performing at your best. Sure, it’s fine to show some candid moments here and there — it will help you connect with viewers, gain an audience, and your band’s members will come off as being more authentic. However, the aim should be to wow people on YouTube. Do that consistently and your videos will be shared, your name will get out more, and you’ll reach people in higher places. After you’ve worked hard to build your presence on YouTube, be sure to catch a break by playing a few games on Royal Vegas casino.


You can gamble on Royal Vegas casino, but you shouldn’t take a gamble with your music career. There are many tactics that bands use to get noticed on SoundCloud, and one of the most popular is putting out a free download. The hope is that other people will download it, love it, share it, talk about it — you get the idea. Though it’s a decent route to take, be strategic about which tracks you give out — you don’t have to give away everything you record.


Streaming has already become the way of the future, so look to sites such as Spotify to share your band’s music, gain followers, get discovered, and take your music career to the next level. More than 60 million people use the site, which means you should be on it to expand your audience. One of the most important things to remember is that quality should be a priority over the amount of music you put on your playlists.

Also, use the site to connect with influencers and promote your playlists along with merely creating them. Be sure to add songs other than ones from your band to playlists in order to get more listeners. When you first start out, it will be difficult to get people to listen to a playlist that only has songs from a band they know nothing about. If you mix in songs from popular artists of the same genre, people will start to get a feel for the type of music that you’re putting out. While you’re working on making moves for your band, Royal Vegas casino can help you recharge from the hustle and bustle — don’t forget to have fun on your way to the top of the charts.