Ronnie Wood sells off some Rolling Stones memorabilia

After splitting with his ex-wife, Ronnie Wood is selling off some of his Rolling Stones memorabilia. The items include a wide variety of stuff, ranging from included several worn leather and velvet jackets and real and cardboard guitars, along with a signed lithograph of Eric Clapton.

Wood and his wife Jo had been married for 23 years prior to their divorce being finalized last year. Next February we’ll be getting her memoirs which are expected to reveal her stories fro their years together. Wood left Jo for a young waitress named Ekaterina Ivanova, so it will be interesting to see what Jo decides to reveal in her book.

Events like this are a double edged sword, as they sometimes bring more interest to the band which affects things like memorabilia sales. Stuff like Rolling Stones posters can generate more interest, though new prints are usually very reasonable. With the premiere of the Rolling Stones’ new documentary “Crossfire Hurricane” you can shop for movie poster frames and have a totally new item to add to your collection along with older Stones stuff.