The 80s sounds still rule

With all the holiday parties, it was cool hearing a ton of 80s music. That sound will always be popular with parties, just like the Motown sound has survived through the years. But it’s not just the music. You’re seeing more pop artists these days mimic the look as well with popstar’s 80s costumes. This retro look has become very popular when people dress up for costume parties, but the wild and crazy look of the 80s still reappears with today’s pop stars.

Katy Perry is a great example, as the sound of many of her songs along with her crazy looks on the red carpet and in her video harks back to the colored hair Eighties. Watch the Friday Night video and then watch old Cindy Lauper videos. The comparison is more than valid.

With her incredible popularity, the Katy Perry look is now showing up often at parties, along with crazy 80s costumes. Of course over the holidays we saw many lovely ladies in a Christmas fancy dress, but as New Year’s Eve rolled around we saw more and more outrageous looks. With the economy improving we might see a return of even more of these looks. The economy boomed in the Eighties and the colorful looks and big hair reflected the party mood of the times.

So crank up a mix tape of Katy Perry and your favorites Eighties bands, put on a wild costume and throw a massive party!


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