All Work and No Playlist: Andrew McMahon of Jack’s Mannequin

(*Spoken as Jimmy Fallon doing wacky FM DJ*) And we’re back! Actually, we were planning on being back a few weeks ago, but Andrew McMahon, lead singer and songwriter of Jack’s Mannequin, is a tough guy to pin down. Turn your back on him for a second, and he’s peeled off in his tour bus to do another four months of dates. We caught his final show with Guster last month, and it was a blast, especially when the two teamed up for a cover of Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks.”

The Mannequin’s third album, People and Things, was released last week, and when McMahon finally decided to sit down and rest for a second, we were quick to strike: Tell us the 10 songs rocking your world at the moment, or your piano bites it. Surprisingly, there is little piano to be found here, but there are lots of happy techno beats. Rave on, rave on.

“Safe and Sound,” Capital Cities

A great tune in the indie/techno vein.

“Our Hearts Are Wrong,” Jessica Lea Mayfield

“The only time I miss you is every single day.” That says it all.

“Heartbeats,” Jose Gonzales

Hypnotizing guitars and vocals on this sad jam.

“I Think It’s Going to Rain Today,” Randy Newman

Randy’s not normally my jam, but this is a haunting song.

“Wonderful The Way I Feel,” My Morning Jacket

Damn, this dude can sing and the lyric on this tune is genius.

“The Day Is Coming,” My Morning Jacket

Killer groove and production on this track.

“Holocene,” Bon Iver

A truly beautiful piece of music.

“Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast,” Capital Cities

So true.

“Go Outside,” The Cults

The song does the title justice, it makes me want to go party in the sunshine.

“Young Blood,” The Naked and Famous

Reminds me of the “Breakfast Club” soundtrack, and that’s hard to argue with.