The Rifles: Great Escape EP

More chirpy Brits, to which we say, bring ’em on. This London quartet is a strange blend of modern-day Anglo pop rock (think Arctic Monkeys, Hard-Fi, the Kooks) with the ’80s blue collar rockers like the Del Fuegos, not that any of those comparisons will matter as you’re pogoing your brains out to “I Could Never Lie.” “A Love to Die For” will make Ray Davies beam with pride, and these are the songs that didn’t make the cut for the band’s full-length debut, which is also inconveniently called Great Escape. The EP’s title track has one of those instantly familiar vocal lines (no wonder NME loves these guys), and there is no denying the power in the way the band economizes in both their playing and their writing. We’re ready for a second helping, please. Nettwerk 2009

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