The Happy Hollows: Imaginary EP

This quirky Pixies-esque trio from L.A.’s Silver Lake scene is definitely one to watch. Their magnetic personality is a combination of the Dischord-influenced D.C. rhythm section of bassist Charlie Mahoney and drummer Chris Hernandez, and the zany Bay area vibe of singer/guitarist/songwriter Sarah Negahdari. Imaginary improves upon the Happy Hollows’ quickly-recorded 2006 debut EP, Bunnies and Bombs, by bringing them much closer to capturing their live energy. Two songs in particular stand out for having become highlights of the band’s live sets – “Lieutenant,” with its unconventional structure, multiple parts and Eddie Van Halen-style guitar theatrics, makes the case for Negahdari as a rising new guitar hero. “Colors,” meanwhile, is remarkable for completely different reasons: it’s unbelievably simple, just a recitation of the names of – you guessed it – colors, by Negahdari and Mahoney over a repeating progression, with a giddy breakdown in the middle. It works even better live, watching Mahoney and Negahdari jumping and shouting the colors during the breakdown, and seeing Negahdari toss her tambourine before jumping back into the rhythm without missing a beat. But the energy, passion, and unfiltered fun of the band comes through on the whole of Imaginary loud and clear. Best of all – it costs next to nothing. (Heart 2008)

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