Young Knives: Superabundance

One part Arctic Monkeys and a lot more parts Adam Ant and Gang Of Four, Young Knives are a British band who garnered some critical attention in their homeland with their 2006 full-length debut Voices of Animals and Men. While their off-kilter post-punk tunes and overall oddness (they call their bass player “The House of Lords”) is the kind of thing that makes the British press go gaga, the only crowd they’re liable to get in America are disaffected Weezer fans and They Might Be Giants fanatics looking to branch out. That’s a shame, because while their sophomore effort Superabundance is a little uneven at times, it’s a thoroughly entertaining record filled with bouncy jams like “Turn Tail,” “Fit 4 U” and the excellent ‘Terra Firma,” which features the awesomely nonsensical chorus “Fake rabbit / Real snake / Terra firma, terra firma.” Other highlights include the “‘The’ band” track “Dyed In The Wool” and “Counters,” one of the most enjoyable songs about offing yourself you’re likely to hear. Young Knives are brought down by their own wackiness, though, on the ballads “Flies” and the immensely grating “Mummy Light the Fire,” the latter of which repeats its title ad nauseam. This album is just too weird to ever break through to the mainstream, but fans of Britpop and geeks the world over should enjoy it. (LABEL: Rykodisc/Warner UK 2008)

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