Mick Jagger stars in ABC sitcom pilot


You loved him in “Freejack”…and now, with any luck, you might just get to see budding actor Mick Jagger securely nestled on ABC’s fall primetime schedule each week, as he recently finished shooting scenes for a new sitcom pilot for the network.

The comedy is tentatively called “Let’s Rob Mick Jagger,” and stars “The Tao of Steve’s” Donal Logue as the janitor in a posh Manhattan high-rise who, over the course of the 22-episode season, will devise and then execute a plan to burglarize the Rolling Stone singer’s apartment. Think serialized TV in the vein of “Lost” and “24,” only executed as a comedy. And starring Mick Jagger as himself.

Let’s hope his newfound status as a TV star will allow that man to finally break out of his shell and meet some women.


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