It’s An Indie World

With Sony/BMG and Warner Bros. recently getting hit with payola lawsuits, more music being purchased digitally, and more new artists becoming hip to the fact that they can survive on their own without “borrowing” money from a major label, the music industry is becoming more indie than ever. Distribution companies such as Redeye are allowing independent artists and indie labels the option of using channels that were previously reserved for the majors. And artists are able to sell their own CD’s online and digitally, as well as through traditional touring….and realizing that they can make and KEEP all or most of the proceeds. No more concern about getting dropped or about the spending the next five years paying a major label all the recoupable expense associated with breaking a new band.

And when the war against payola reaches the radio programmers, it could be the end of FM radio as we know it. Which begs the question: will anyone care? I know I won’t. And once again the best artists are the ones who will get noticed.