Anders Holst: Romantika

Dubbed as the “crown prince of contemporary romantic music,” it would seem Swedish import Anders Holst’s publicist and label are reaching a bit. Reading about him and listening to Holst’s debut album, Romantika, you get the feeling that this is a guy who has always had aspirations to have his music played on light rock stations. And in that lies a problem – the fact that most light rock artists didn’t get there by wanting to get there. They arrived there because they were aging rockers who mellowed over time like wine or cheese, and because their fans mellowed in parallel fashion (think Eric Clapton or the Eagles). Others, like Daniel Powter, wound up on light rock stations by default. But Anders Holst is being marketed that way, and while his songs aren’t bad and are arranged and produced like a cross between light rock and smooth jazz fare, there is something here that sounds forced. Adding a bit of insult is the fact that Holst, while being touted as a songwriter, leads off the record with Billy Joel’s “All About Soul,” proof that even his label doesn’t have enough confidence in Holst’s songwriting. Again, Holst could do much worse than this, and he’s going to find an audience with his nice brand of light romantic pop. But as a whole, this batch of songs will help listeners relax—relax to the point of putting them to sleep. (LABEL: Unheard of Music)

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