Just filling you in: The Black Keys

I am running on fumes right now and will likely crash at any minute. I’d like to blame it on an eight-hour work day, but I’d be lying. No, the real reason I’m absolutely exhausted is because I just completed an excruciatingly long draft for a fantasy baseball league. We’re talking 24 teams and 22 rounds of rabid attention, filled with both bouts of glory and misery. It’s consumed my day, and now I’m left in a crumbling, yet mildly accomplished state. Still, I wanted to post something.

To the delight of many, The Black Keys will release Brothers on Nonesuch Records on May 18. I’ve got two of their full lengths and an EP, and I’m just waiting for the band to produce something truly great. I know they’ve already reached an impressive level of popularity, but I feel the band is capable doing something more sonically challenging. Well, we now have a new song on their MySpace called “Tighten Up” (apparently the album’s first single), and it definitely is a step in the right direction. I love that rhythm change toward the end. It comes out of nowhere.


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