Farewell David Bowie

Here’s one of the final photographed taken of David Bowie before his untimely death at the age of 69. It’s amazing how much energy he exudes here.

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What Is Your Guitar Spirit Animal? What Your Brand Says About You

After years of begging, borrowing and stealing all the playing time you could, you’re finally in the enviable position of buying your first guitar. Just like your rock icons, soon you’ll be able to drag your instrument to rehearsals, shows and eventually into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But first you have to decide which model is right for you.

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Epic classic rock tribute by Ohio State Marching Band

The Ohio State University marching Band shows again why it’s the best damn band in the land with this amazing tribute to classic rock.
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“Born to Run” spoof of Christie traffic jam

You have to love it when an artist can spoof his own song, so this clip from Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon poking fun at Chris Christie with this “Born to Run” spoof is pretty hilarious.

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Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden

Older rock acts are making a ton of money these days touring, but now we’re seeing something a little different from Billy Joel. Starting in January he’ll be playing Madison Square Garden once a month as an artist-in-residence there. It will be fascinating to see how things go with this experiment, as similar runs have worked well in places like Las Vegas. New York is so big, and has so many tourists, that this might make sense with Joel’s large fan base. He hasn’t put out an album in decades but he has avery lotal following. The clip above has him playing MSG for the Concert for New York City back in 2001. Enjoy, and now it will be much easier to see him live in New York again.
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